Our 3 year old class runs as either a two day or three day program, from 9:15-11:45. 

Our 4 year old class runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday with a fee of $3,425.00 annually; 4 payments of $325.00 and 5 payments of $445.00*

Monday & Friday school is in session 9:15-11:45.  Wednesday class is from 9:15-1:45.  

Wednesday is an extended day for the 4 year old class to 1:45 PM, lunch is brought in by the students. 

*After winter break, Mondays and Fridays are also extended days (9:15-1:45), for an additional $120.00 per month. These extra hours are designed to help prepare the children for all-day kindergarten, adding in time for individual help where needed, while still allowing for plenty of play time. 

Please contact us for information on flexible schedules! 

A $60.00 non-refundable fee is due upon registration. 

Discounts are available for early registrations and full tuition payments.