Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule consists of:

Circle Time

Circle time consists of exploring the calendar.  This is when we review the month, days of the week, seasons, weather, & special days.  During circle time we explore letter recognition, letter sounds, numbers, shapes, & colors through games and songs. Classroom jobs are also chosen during this time.  


Emphasis on emerging Kindergarten skills through play based learning:

Math- number recognition, playing with calculators, dice, money; sorting with shapes, colors and sizes.

Science- magnifying glasses, scales, magnets, plants and nature, baking and experiments.

Fine motor and tactile- exploring writing and art materials; eye droppers, tweezers, sensory table.

Literacy- books always available, reading daily, alphabet puzzles, alphabet bean bags, games.


Seasonal or themed songs daily, poems and rhyming are used regularly. Children are encouraged to use instruments-woodwind, string and percussion. 


Is brought in by the student.

Story Time

Story appropriate to topic of the day, season or theme.

Free Play

Inside and/or outside, weather dependent. 

Indoor- numerous types of building blocks, garage/tracks/trains, dollhouse, fire station, animals, puppets, dramatic play area.

Gross Motor- dancing, games, outdoor playscape, swings, tricycles, parades.


Seasonal or themed, or open ended.  We use a variety of mediums to create art projects for a full sensory experience. 

Outdoor Play 

We explore the natural world beyond our classroom by spending time outdoors everyday (weather permitting).  In many instances, we bring the classroom outdoors and enjoy circle time, centers, snack, stories, lunch, & art in our play area!