About Us

Our Mission

Bakerville Community Nursery School, in partnership with the Bakerville Church, is committed to providing a high quality learning environment to preschool aged children in the Northwest corner.  We are dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement, personal, social, physical, spiritual and emotional growth.  The Board of Directors of the Bakerville Community Nursery School is designated as the Operator of the preschool program.  We believe children learn best through play and experimentation.  Our mission is to have a safe, secure, friendly, and nurturing environment that encourages confidence in students as they grow in independence, self-respect, and a love for learning.

We believe a quality learning environment:

Respects individuality

Inspires life long learning

Promotes innovation

Promotes positive social interaction

Promotes high social values

Academics & Play

Play is at the heart of our curriculum and the day consists of a combination of structured and unstructured activities. Our role as teachers is to guide learning by providing a structural foundation of basic concepts and skills and supporting learning through inquiry-based prompts and activities. Daily routines & lessons help prepare our children for their journey to kindergarten & beyond. We offer a wide variety of educational, open-ended games, materials, toys, and activities. We utilize the Connecticut Framework Preschool Curricular Goals/Benchmarks and the Connecticut Early Learning and Developmental Standards as a guide for our program goals. These resources are designed to establish a curriculum that prepares each student for their entrance into Kindergarten.